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About Nikki

Welcome! I'm Nikki, owner, coordinator, and head designer of Events by Nikki! I've been working in floral design in the Fredericksburg area for a little over 20 years, focusing mainly on weddings for the last fifteen of those years. I started dabbling in wedding and event coordination about 10 years ago and discovered a passion and love for helping people make their dreams for a perfect wedding day a reality! So, finally, my well-honed craft of floral design, my natural tendency for organization and orderliness, years spent decorating and organizing women's events, birthday parties, and baby showers, and of course, a lifelong inclination to direct and supervise (just ask my husband and kids..hee hee!), has officially evolved into a new business. And, I could not be more excited!  

Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 11.47.52 AM.png

All of the details of a wedding may seem overwhelming to others, but to me they are pieces of a huge and beautiful puzzle that I look forward to putting together at each new wedding! I love how creative and unique each wedding can be; no two weddings are ever the same, just as no two couples are the same. 

It brings me tremendous joy to be able to handle all these details and shoulder the weight of a wedding so that the bride, groom, and their families can enjoy every moment of their incredible day!  Coming alongside you and making sure that your wedding is exactly as you dreamed it - from beginning to end - is what I'm here to do! 
Whether you're looking for someone to be involved in every detail, or you have all the details hashed out and you just need someone to execute it all, I'd love to help! 

If you think we'd make a good match, reach out and let's chat!

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